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    Heart of the Sea-sea glass watercolor

    Sea Glass watercolor painting by Katrina Pete

    Sea Glass watercolor painting by Katrina Pete

    My Grandma was a rock collector. She had the largest agate collection I have ever seen. Her enthusiasm for rock collecting was inherited by my Dad. He used to take me ‘agate hunting’ after rain storms. We would go to construction sites where the earth was moved around revealing untouched treasures below. But only if the sun emerged from behind the clouds- so that tiny glints of red agate would glimmer in the light against the dusty ground.

    We went agate hunting on family vacations, at the beach, and especially along the North Shore on Lake Superior. And I wouldn’t stop at only picking up agates. Among my treasured finds, I had cold water agates, thomsonite, driftwood, small fossils, shark teeth, amethyst, sand dollars in Florida, shells, coral, and sea glass. Each piece has a story to tell, and each story ends and a new one begins once in the hands of a new collector.

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