Isle of Skye, Scotland

Last day on the Isle of Skye. Our tour guide pulled over as the clouds parted. All 9 of us stumbled out of the ‘Wee Red Bus’ to snap a few farewell photos. Two couples were from Hong Kong, one from India, another from Singapore, and one gal from Malaysia. The couple from India were celebrating their honeymoon. The gal from Malaysia was proud of her selfie stick. The couple from Hong Kong brought along a stuffed pink pig and a purple cow. They propped their animals on old wooden fence posts, amidst the grassy hills of an ancient battlefield, along the banks of Loch Ness, and at the base of the Black Cullen mountains. The pig and the cow smiled for the camera every time. Their plastic painted eyes maintained jovial expressions through wind, rain, and a tumble down a rocky hillside.

You need to be tough to make it through a Scottish winter, but it also helps to be ‘stuffed’.

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