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    Lavender Cherry Blossoms


    Lavender Blossoms

    by Katrina Pete

    12×16 inch watercolor on Arches 300lb cold pressed paper


    My technique for my floral paintings involves a ‘wet-into-wet’ wash of color over damp paper. This is how I achieved the soft background effects. Heavier paper like 300lb Arches works very well with this method. It doesn’t buckle or warp under the wet paint, and remains much flatter than my 140lb paper. I still used tape along the edges and it stayed flat even after the paper dried. I painted a few branches into the wet wash, allowing them to fade a bit into the background. After the first wash dried, I added more layers of detail in the flowers and branches.

    Bursts of Fun!

    ‘Rain Girl’

    “Rain Girl”
    by Katrina Pete
    9×12 inch watercolor on cotton rag paper

    I painted this in early April, when every other day seemed to be filled with rain. It’s that in-between season where the promise of spring grows heavy like an overfilled water balloon about to burst. Against a gray sky and a brittle brown earth, little emerald-green nubs of hostas and tulips emerge, as a prelude to the waterfall of color that will soon flood the sleeping landscape.

    So, I painted a colorful girl walking in the rain, wearing red boots and holding an umbrella. She is super excited for spring!

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    Watercolor Dolphin Family

    Watercolor dolphin family by Katrina Pete


    While I’m landlocked in a state that morphs into a tundra each winter, I dream of tropical islands, friendly dolphins, and crystal blue water. So I suppose this painting is somewhat of a mid-winter dream.

    ‘Dolphin Watercolor Family’

    by Katrina Pete

    8×10 inch watercolor painting on Arches cotton rag.


    While the intelligence of dolphins is no secret, this video below shows a dolphin ‘asking’ a diver for help with a stuck fishing line. It’s a bit of a long video, but amazing to watch.